SMV virksomheder


Guide for SMEs.
Here you can find information and current news from SME companies.


In Denmark, there are over 200,000 SME companies that employ more than 750,000 people.


What does SME mean?

Small and medium-sized enterprises are included in the SME abbreviation.

What is SME?

SMEs are made up of small businesses and medium-sized enterprises.

SME definition

There are several reasons to define a company as an SME. The main reasons are targeting, company size, accounting classes and financing.

Micro enterprises

0 - 9 employees
Accounting class A

Small businesses

10 - 49 employees
50 full-time employees
Accounting class B

Medium-sized companies

50 - 249 employees
250 full-time employees
Accounting class C

What is an SME business?

An SME company is also called an SME, which stands for small and medium sized enterprise or SMB which stands for small and medium sized business. An SME company is a company that meets different conditions.