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Today you can rent pretty much everything you can imagine. There are some different websites where you can rent your clothes, coffee machines, machines etc. to people who just exactly lack what you have to offer. This can be a pretty smart source of income where one can afford a little extra fun if one has a tight budget.

Of course, you have to be willing to rent out your stuff, and show that you risk something breaking. So this is a risk one must be willing to take. If you are, then renting different things may well be for you.

Car rental
There has been a sharpened focus on the environment, which means that more people use different carpooling and car rental. On the Gomore website, you can rent your car to others, on the days you do not have to use it yourself. As the owner, you determine the price yourself and when it is available to others. Since the car is free, others can go in and rent it.

With cars, there is always a risk of accidents on the roads, but through Gomore, for example, there is a special insurance and roadside assistance, so it does not go beyond your private insurance. In this way, your car is really well secured. It's a really smart way to earn a little extra if the car should still stand still anyway.